No Resolution Zone

There are studies that show 80% of New Year’s Resolutions fail before February begins. I have made resolutions that don’t even last until January 2nd. (2006 – don’t say bad words).

I don’t make resolutions as I don’t find them productive, useful or even effective. That said, I do love the promise of a new beginning. I love getting my new planner set up and ready for the year. I revel in the thought of having a few months of colder weather to keep me inside catching up on books and hibernating just a little. I like reviewing the past year and making an effort to leave behind all the things that did not spark the proverbial joy.

For me, January 1st is not so much a promise to change habits, try a new diet or make plans to curse less, eat better, exercise more…I know that none of that is likely to happen. Instead I like to think about how and what things are different. For better or for worse.The first weeks of a new year is a chance to look back and decide what I am already doing that I want to see more of. It’s not about doing more or adding a habit. It’s a chance to celebrate the things I got right last year. It’s also a chance for me to leave behind the challenges or mistakes of the past. 

First I start by looking at things that take up too much of my time that shouldn’t. I think about relationships, my job, my children, my prayer life and all of the big ticket items. I also look at the little things and try to trim the fat. For example, this morning, I checked my email and had way to many messages in my inbox that don’t need to be there. For instance, I am getting almost daily sale updates from many of the sites that provided for my online gift shopping experiences. *Unsubscribe*

It got me thinking about how many other things can be unsubscribed? For most of us, we can’t just click a link and check out of the most difficult aspects of our lives, but I think we can take stock of what is bringing us down or keeping us in a constant state of overpopulated inbox. What are we missing that goes unread because it’s too difficult to sort though all the negative, imposing clutter?

If I think about my life and the things I love, I don’t want to spend one moment longer on activities that keep me stressed or feeling like there is always something more that I can buy, try, or work myself into a frenzy about. I don’t know what that looks like for you, but my priorities are the people in my life that I adore and want to spend time with. I also really enjoy spending time with myself and creating little pockets of my home that bring me peace.

Lots of posts try to recreate the term for resolutions in an effort to make them seem less overwhelming and more attainable. We talk about creating habits or setting goals. I think those are all valid and I am certainly not one to put lipstick on a pig, but I am would like to help take the pressure off all of us a little bit. 

I’ll be posting this week in stories about things I do that help me unpack the clutter of my mind and try to share the things that bring me peace and happiness. I hope you will pop in and share what’s on your mind too. No pressure to be resolute! Let’s just share our strategies, quirks, tips and skills that might help each other tiptoe into this new year with greater confidence than last year, a little more wisdom, pleasant connections and some fun. 

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