Where I’m From

This is a poem written by my 2nd daughter, Alexandra, in 7th grade. In a season of thanks, I thought it a good time to share.

Where I’m From

I am from hugs, smiles, and love
and mud fights in the backyard.
From the sticky, melty popsicles on hot summer days
To warm hot chocolate by the fire on windy, winter nights.
I am from the princesses and princes,
From the shiny pink special nighttime-only book.

I am from the early mornings with Mommy baking cookies
With the strong, nasty smell of black coffee in the silent house.
I’m from the late nights with fuzzy slippers,
Watching the Food Network, in awe of the fantastic desserts
We could never do.

I am from the long road trips,
Big brown eyes looking at the even bigger city,
Never taking my eyes off the window.
Counting every car that would pass by,
Even when the highest number we knew was twenty-thirty.

I’m from my mother’s huge closet
And the high heels that half fit my six inch baby feet.
From the fancy dresses that swift the floor when I walk.
I am from the forts made of blankets in the middle of the living room,
Scary stories and heating marshmallows with flashlights
To the goosebumps of scary monsters coming to eat me.

I am from the church mornings with slicked-back hair
Stuck up with sticky hair spray and topped off with a bow
Three times the size of my six-year-old head.
I’m from the tears of the first day of kindergarten
And the tears of boo-boos soon to be kissed by Mommy.

I am from love – Where are you from?

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